Not Just For Women Anymore, Male Grooming In Brisbane, New Farm, And Fortitude Valley Is Available At Griffin's House Of Beauty

Thought grooming was just for women or those in the porn industry? You thought wrong. Male grooming is alive and well in Brisbane at Griffin's House of Beauty. For nearly eight years, the business has been providing male grooming in Brisbane, New Farm, and Fortitude Valley. Men can choose from a range of services that include massage, waxing, exfoliation, and more to leave them feeling clean, relaxed, and beautiful. With professional, convenient service available seven days a week and after hours, Griffin's House of Beauty has become the male grooming service to call.

For Your Manscaping Pleasure

Many males desire a clean, smooth, hair-free look. To get it, men can choose from a few different methods. There is, of course, shaving which is a common way of removing hair from the body. Shaving requires a sharp razor and a good quality shaving cream to help decrease the effects shaving irritation. Men with sensitive skin will want to be sure to use a shaving cream or oil that will help them get a better shave and leave the skin smooth and free of any irritation.

Waxing is another procedure for removing hair and can be done one of two ways - strip wax or hot wax. Strip waxing is used for larger areas on the body such as the back, chest, and legs. Hot waxing works best for smaller, more sensitive areas like the face or around the testicles. At Griffin's House of Beauty, men can choose from waxing of the chest, stomach, back, face, and more, or choose from specific packages such as the full body wax or the chest and stomach.

Complete Male Grooming In Fortitude Valley

While Griffin's House of Beauty provides male grooming in New Farm and the entire Brisbane area, men can also pamper themselves with beauty treatments like facials and body scrubs and even get a tension and stress relieving massage. What was once viewed as women only, pampering and beautifying men is becoming more widespread and Griffin's House of Beauty is there to keep the trend moving. One of the popular services provided is massage.

Massage has so many benefits besides the fact that it leaves one feeling great. Getting regular massages can help to improve circulation and increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. Massage can help everything from headaches to insomnia and relieves tension and stress. Anyone with soft tissue injuries such as muscle strains can benefit from massage. It will help a person recover quicker from the injury.

Why Griffin's House Of Beauty

For all of your male grooming and massage needs, the only choice in Brisbane is Griffin's House of Beauty. Service is available seven days a week and for those who have busy schedules, after hours bookings (up to 10 p.m.) are available. Clients can travel to Griffin's House of Beauty located in Teneriffe or they can choose to book an appointment in their own home. Travel is available to the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. For more information, visit or call or SMS 0416 673 727.