Griffin's House Signature Facial

Griffin's House offers professional ASAP skin care clinical facials. The treatment begins (upon request) with a skin analysis using a magnification lamp and woods lamp (black light) to determine skin type and problem areas to be addressed. Next is a primary cleanse using ASAP Daily Facial Cleanser. ASAP professional AHA/BHA 'chemical exfoliator mask' is then applied for 10 minutes while you're given a relaxing head massage. The mask is removed followed by ASAP Daily Facial Exfoliating scrub to manually buff away and refine your skin's surface. A second cleanse using ASAP Cleansing Gel gently cleanses the underlying youthful skin. 

The second part of the facial involves Sonophoresis - a technique that works similar to ultrasound that allows faster and deeper penetration of skincare products to achieve better results. Probe I is used first to prepare the skin using a scraping technique. If you wish to add Microdermabrasion to the treatment it would be performed now followed by an application of ASAP Radiance Serum. A powerful mask is then mixed by combining ASAP Super A, B, and C serums, along with the ASAP DNA Renewal treatment, Advanced Hydrating Moisturiser and finally the ASAP Soothing Gel. The mask is then applied to the face in 4 sections each taking 4 minutes using Probe III of the sonophoresis machine. The facial is complete once all product has been absorbed, your face will be left feeling healthy, smooth and hydrated to give you a glowing radiant complexion that feel soft and health upon touch. Application of ASAP pure cosmeceutical mineral makeup can be applied if desired with Hydrating lip balm and/or Moisturising daily defence with SPF 50+.

Griffin's House signature facial - 55 minutes - $80

Skin Workout Express Facials (Peels)

 Recharge your skin with this 30 minute treatment. This skin workout can provide an instant recharge for dull skin and treat a range of skin concerns including dryness, skin congestion and break-outs. Deeply exfoliating below the skin's surface, the combination of effective exfoliation methods in this workout will provide noticeable results for a refreshed, radiant complexion. 

The express facial peels combine the appropriate ASAP peels (Lactic Acid 35%, Glycolic Acid 40% or Reveal Peel (combination) 35%) with two or more of the ASAP A, B or C serums depending on your skin type and any skin conditions. Some peels will need to be removed followed by application of ASAP Ultimate Hydration and ASAP moisturising daily defence SPF50+.

Note - Not all peels are not suitable for all skin types and application is at the discretion of the therapist. Some reddness may occur after the treatment and skin peeling may occur in the following days. 

Skin Workout Express Facials - 30 Min - $50

Back Cleanse

A great way to help reduce the effects of unwanted acne or just to treat yourself to a bit of earned relaxation. Highly relaxing and therapeutic. The treatment involves a cleanse, exfoliation, facial steamer, skin analysis, massage, mask, tone and moisturiser. 

This treatment can be customised to treat acne or sensitive skin types. IPL acne treatment is great way to treat cystic and topical acne. LED light therapy or microdermabrasion can also be performed to assist in the removal of cellular buildup, bacteria, inflammation and redness. These therapies in combination will help clear the skin of irritation, leaving you with healthy, flawless skin.

45 minutes $80

Facial Add-Ons

- Microdermabrasion – $20 for 15 minutes -

A deeper resurfacing technique to refine, renew and smooth the skin using a diamond coated tip that vacuums and buffs the skin in one quick motion (includes added ASAP Radiance Serum).

- Facial steamer – $5 for 5-10 minutes -

A relaxing, cleansing and hydrating way to start any facial. Helps to kill harmful bacteria and increase product penetration all while feeling deeply relaxing.

- Facial Massage with essential oils – $10 for 10 minutes -

A relaxing addition to any facial that helps relieve muscle soreness, increases circulation, drains the skin of cellular waste and Feels AMAZING! Includes chest, neck, shoulders, and face.

- ASAP Facial Peels - $20 for 15 minutes -

A chemical exfoliator using a 40% Glycolic Acid or 35% AHA/BHA Blend or 35% Lactic Acid (Peel used will be chosen by the therapist after a skin assessment has been performed and appropriate peel been deemed suitable for use).

- Eye Treatment - $10 for 10 minutes -

A mask of combined ASAP DNA renewal treatment, ASAP advanced Eye Complex, Super B complex and ASAP Soothing Gel is applied to both eye areas and is massaged in using the warming and relaxing Sonophoresis Probe. This treatment helps address hydration, fine lines, sagging and a dull appearance to leave the skin feeling toned and hydrated.

- High-Frequency Machine - $10 for 10 minutes -

High-frequency is a proven effective way to treat skin lesions, including acne. Helping to quickly restore and heal the health of the skin, neutralise bacteria and restore the skin's appearance in a gentle therapeutic way. The variously shaped glass electrodes contain an inert gas, when stimulated by an electric current they glow orange and when applied to the skin enable the skin to produce oxygen molecules that are naturally antibacterial leading to a natural warming of the skin tissue that allows better blood circulation and cellular activity including production of collagen and elastin to bring about an energised and firm appearance.

- LED Light Therapy - $5 for 5 minutes, 10 minute minimum -

LED therapy is a safe, noninvasive skin treatment that helps address acne, sun damage, inflammation and other skin problems.

Blue light is very effective at killing the P. acnes bacteria associated with causing acne. Red light is associated with reducing skin inflammation and improving scarring and wrinkles. It does this by triggering fibroblasts in the skin to produce more collagen. Together they can cause the sebaceous glands to reduce in size, leading to less oil and bacteria which assists in the resolution of acne. Your skin will feel clearer and refreshed. This treatment works best in conjunction with Microdermabrasion or IPL.

man receiving facial massage griffins housemale having facial steamerman receiving facial massage griffins house