Full Body Spray Tan - $40

Experience the luxurious feeling of a silky-smooth spray tan with the exotic MoroccanTan collection. MoroccanTan Professional tanning solutions nourish and hydrate the skin with certified organic Argan oil and Rose Hip oil sourced from Southwest Morocco. Your new favourite tan is enriched with antioxidants, Vitamins C, B5 and E, Aloe Vera, caffein and Raspberry Seed oil. 

The quick-drying GREEN BASE for the original collection or VIOLET BASE for the exotic collection are both full of natural ingredients and both paraben and PEG free, to leave your skin moisturised whilst still producing a deep bronzed tan!

With 1, 2 & 4 hour formulas, it's easy to create the perfect streak free tan.

tanned man in swimwear griffins housePre tanning advice

  • A gentle exfoliation using an exfoliation mitt or loofa is recommended around 24 hours prior to your spray tan, this prevents tanning of dead skin cells that are about to shed off.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing on arrival as this will prevent the tan rubbing off when you depart.
  • On arrival to your tanning appointment, be freshly showered and try not to wear any deodorant, moisturiser, oils or perfumes as these can prevent the tan from activating on the skin.
  • Bring somethig to sit on in your car if your worried about the tan getting on your seats.
  • Any areas to be shaved must be performed prior to your appointment preferably 36 hours earlier or more, any scrapes from shaving WILL appear worse after tanning.
  • If your skin is peeling from sunburn, discolouration may occur after the tanning application in these areas.
  • Waxing must be performed preferably 3-4 days or more in advance to allow the skin to recover properly to prevent an uneven, streaky tan or irritation.
  • Thoroughly removing any existing tan will guarantee a more even, longer lasting tan.
  • Please don't arrive HOT AND SWEATY, dont arrive after gym or on a very hot day where you may leave sweaty. The tan will just run straight off. try book an evening appointment to avoid the heat.
  • It is best not to have IPL or laser treatments within 2 weeks of a tan.

Post-tanning advice

  • Only remove tan once the minimum recommended activation time has lapsed (2 hours), however, all tans can be left on for up to 8 hours and generally will be more effective and last longer the longer you leave it on for.
  • When rinsing off tan try not to use body wash, soap, exfoliants or rubbing motions and pat the skin dry after showering gently.
  • Avoid baths, pools, showers or spas for long periods of time within a few days of your tan.
  • Try not to cause perspiration within 24 hours of your tan.
  • Do not apply dairy products (milk) to the skin within 24 hours as they can remove the tan. The lactic acid will strip away the tan.
  • Using tanning aftercare products like moisturisers will help extend the life of your tan.

During your tanning appointment

  • Griffins House aspires to achieve the best most flawless tan we can. This is why we have provided so much Pre and Post information to help you, help us achieve this. Upon your visit we will ask you to read and sign a form to acknowledge that you have read and understood this information and prior to getting dressed we require you to check the tan in a full length mirror so as we can agree upon your departure that you're happy with the tan, this also gives us an opportunity to do any touchups or corrections before you leave.