About Waxing

Many men often get body waxing done, especially back, bum and groin waxing. No need to feel embarrassed or worried that you might be alone in wanting to get waxing done. I often do 10+ male Brazilians a week.

The process of waxing occurs 2 ways, by using either Strip Wax or Hot Wax: Strip wax works via a thin layer of wax being applied over the hair using a spatula, a strip of papery cotton sheet is then pressed over the wax and quickly pulled off. This process is used for most body waxing like Back, leg & chest waxing. Hot wax works via a small area of skin being covered with a dollop of thick wax, which sets hard and is then pulled off without a strip. This style of waxing is used for more sensitive areas like testicle waxing and brow / nose waxing.

man with arms out stretched smooth skin waxed griffins house


Body Waxing
Chest $20
Stomach $20
Arms $40
Under Arms $15
Half Legs $40
Full Legs $65
Back of Neck $10
Jockey Line $20
Brazilian (male only) $40
Buttocks $30
Nipples $10
Back $50
Feet $10
Shoulders $20


 *Full body waxing is typically achieved in around 60 minutes. If more than 75 minutes is required, an extra $15 will be charged.


Facial Waxing
Nose $10
Eyebrows $20
Full Face (beard) $20-$40
Front of Neck $15
Cheeks $10
Upper Lip $10
Ears $10
 Waxing Packages
Brows, Nose, cheeks & Ears $40
Chest & Stomach $40
Back, Neck & Shoulers $50
Back, Neck, shoulders & sides  $60
Brazilian & Full Buttocks $50
Full Body (excludes brows) $165 - $180


**There is a minimum $40 spend for all appointments at Griffins House. (excludes products). Trimming the hair prior to waxing is NOT necessary, however if you would like clipping prior I can do this with prior notice, pricing starts at $20.


Needing that excess body hair reduced but dont want to put up with the pain of waxing? I do offer body clipping which can trim the hair to a near shaved length or longer if desired. Minimal time is generally needed to trim body hair depending mainly on desired length. Showers are available after trimming if needed.

Pricing: Few areas - $20, Full body - $40

Wanting to have that shaved feeling? I do offer shaving to body areas excluding general area. I only shave in the direction of the hair growth and I use a cut throat single blade to do all shaving treatments. As shaving takes much longer the price is reflected in this, for a personalised quote on areas to be shaved contact us today. 

Pricing:  Customised quote - contact us today for pricing

Post-Waxing Care Products

Tired of dealing with after waxing irritations? Many people suffer from post waxing irritation, ingrown's and redness. Thankfully there are many products on the market to help you get through this annoying stage in your waxing. Ingrown ZONE After Waxing Spray is available from Griffins House for $20 and is highly effective at minimising possible irritation, redness, rashes or in-grown hairs.

A single bottle can last a few waxes depending on how great the area was you got waxed and how much you decide to use while treating the area.

After many years of offering products to treat post waxing irritations, I have found clients to get the best results from using Ingrown Zone Hair Serum. Unlike many other products such as topical creams or lotions, The Ingrown Zone Hair Serum is formulated to be applied as a fine mist. This allows a much easier application and fast penetration and treatment into the skin. Griffins House highly recommends your consideration of using this product if you feel you may suffer from any post waxing irritations, remembering that its easier to apply the product for treatments prior to getting irritation rather the treating established ingrowns.

Professional Hygiene

Waxing treatments are all performed using single use vinyl gloves to prevent any transmission or introduction of bacteria to the waxing site. All linen is single use only per customer then washed in detergent and antibacterial wash and dried in a clothes dryer.

Spatulas used for waxing are all cleaned firstly with wax solvent then scrubbed with a nail brush in hot soapy water then stored in a sealed container prior to use.

Griffin's House of Beauty uses only new and not recycled waxes. 

smooth waxed shaved man with arms up

Pre-Waxing Advice
  • DO NOT SHOW UP SWEATY OR HOT. Sweat can be wiped away but moisture in the skin stays and makes waxing very difficult and can lead to server skin irritation and prolonged skin recovery.
  • It is best to lightly exfoliate the skin 24 hours prior to waxing to lift any ingrown hairs and can also help reduce pain during the waxing session.
  • It is NOT recommended to tan in the sun or using a solarium prior to waxing, as this could cause severe skin irritation and peeling. It can also reduce the skins ability to heal itself, leaving your skin prone to prolonged irritation and ingrowns, any ares that are burnt or peeling can't be waxed. 
  • Best results will be achieved when the hair is longer than 5mm of length, shorter than this will reduce the likelihood of the hair being removed. Griffin's House will not tweezer hairs that are too short.
  • If hair to be removed is very long it can be trimmed but is not necessary, keeping in mind it needs to be 1cm long still for waxing. If you trim the hair prior and its too short you will not be able to have the area waxed.
  • If you have shaved the area to be waxed, it generally takes 4 weeks for the hair to be long enough.


Post-Waxing Advice
  • It is recommended to leave your waxing appointment in loose fitting clothing to prevent rubbing and irritation.
  • A gentle exfoliation 3 days after your waxing will help bring through any hair under the skin then continuing this process every 2 days thereafter for a week or so. It is important to NOT exfoliate prior to 3 days.
  • Using after waxing products will help reduce skin irritation following a waxing treatment.
  • Applying an after waxing lotion like the one listed below morning and night for the first few days will help reduce future ingrowns and help reduce redness and irritation. You can continue applying the product after 3 days just at a reduced amount.
  • Avoid causing sweating / exercise within 24 hours. If sweating does occur be sure to shower ASAP.
  • Avoid sun-exposure/solariums for 48+ hours after and before waxing.
  • Its best to rebook your next waxing appointment 5+ weeks apart and avoid shaving which will thicken then hair and cause irregular growth.

Some clients may find that after waxing they may develop 'hives' or folliculitis from the hair being removed. If you think your skin could experience this side effect you could consult your doctor about taking before and/or after your waxing session to help prevent or minimise these side effects.