Skin workout Express facial

Recharge your skin with this 30 minute treatment. This skin workout can provide an instant recharge for dull skin and treat a range of skin concerns including dryness, skin congestion and break-outs. Deeply exfoliating below the skin's surface, the combination of effective exfoliation methods in this workout will provide noticeable results for a refreshed, radiant complexion. 
The express facial peels combine the appropriate ASAP peels (Lactic Acid 35%, Glycolic Acid 40% or Reveal Peel (combination) 35%) with two or more of the ASAP A, B or C serums depending on your skin type and any skin conditions. Some peels will need to be removed followed by application of ASAP Ultimate Hydration and ASAP moisturising daily defence SPF50+.
Note - Not all peels are not suitable for all skin types and application is at the discretion of the therapist. Some reddness may occur after the treatment and skin peeling may occur in the following days. 
Skin Workout Express Facials - 30 Min - $50
ASAP Lactic Acid 35%, Glycolic Acid 40% or Reveal Peel (combination) 35% are able to be used with out combining them with ASAP serums. This will make them much more concentrated and achieve a thorough exfoliation of the skin. Using the serums in the Skin Workout facial enables great results without the potential of a strong reaction. A slight increase in pain, redness and chance of the skin peeling could be expected without the use of serums during the peel.
If you would like to have the peels done without serums, the client will need to have shown good skin hygiene practices, no sun exposure or limited with sunscreen and the use of ASAP B serum for 2 weeks prior to the treatment to protect the skin during the treatment. You should expect a more luminous, hydrated skin tone following the treatment.