The difference between a moisturiser and a serum

Serums have a smaller molecular size so are able to penetrate deeper into the lower dermal layers which means faster and longer-lasting results. Serums contain concentrated active ingredients that can be used to treat different skin conditions, such as pigmentation and acne severity, improve dull or red skin tones, and help slow down and reduce the signs of ageing. Always apply a serum before a moisturiser.

A moisturiser has a harge molecular size whice means it is unable to penetrate deep into the skin. A moistursier is designed to sit on top of the epidermis. The inclusion of water-binding agents in the moisturiser (such as Hyaluronic Acid), antioxidants and vitamins make skin look smoother, improve texture, help barrier function and protect fron sun damage. Serums are ideally used in conjuction with a moisturiser, which helps seal nutrients inside and prevent moisture from evaporating.

To achieve you skins best results its recommended to use a serum in conjunction with a moisturiser.