Back Massage

Does your back need some RNR all to its self? Too many hours no doubt bent over a computer. A Tension relief back massage will have you sorted out in no time at all! It is the same style as the hour massage but only includes the neck, shoulders, back and arms.

35 minute back massage - $50man with out stretched arms griffins house

Traditional Massage

Feeling all wound up after hard days work? Then an indulgent full body relational massage might be the perfect option for you! Let me start with some modern chill-out music to carry you away to your peaceful place then warm up some water-soluble massage blend sweet almond oil to glide over your skin and enable my hands to get to work on your aches and pains.
My traditional style full body Swedish Massage incorporates the back, neck, scalp, shoulders, arms, hands, bum, legs, and feet to leave you feeling unwound, de-stressed and ready for a long peaceful nights sleep.
60 minutes - $80

90 minutes - $120

Add aromatherapy oils - $5 / full body scrub - $35

Hot Stone Massage

Ever felt the warming sensation of hot rocks caressing your skin? Over 90 minutes you will have this heavenly experience to relax those tired muscle aches and pains. It starts with an array of perfectly placed warmed stones that will melt into any knots. After the heat has thoroughly penetrated into your muscles I begin massaging with my hands. The entire time you lay peacefully as the rocks glide over you and others are left between toes and in your palms.
Hot Stone MassageSome of the benefits of hot stone massage include:

  • Improving circulation of blood
  • Stimulating the body to heal itself
  • Enhances the immune systems
  • Improving the lymphatic flow
  • Removing stress and inducing a feeling of well being

90 minute hot stone massage - $150