Who can gain the benefits of Micro?

Micro can be used on anyone from 16 to 60 with a suitable skin type. Micro in combination with a good skin care routine and Peels is excellent for stage 1 or 2 acne. Older skin benefits greatly from micro, helping to remove dry, dull, thickened skin and clogged pores.

It is not recommended if you have skin conditions such as psoriasis, fragile capillaries, dermatitis, active sunburn, rosacea, eczema, herpes, lupus, or open sores. However, it is possible to do the procedure on some people with these issues, avoiding problematic areas.

It is also not recommended for clients with stage 3 acne or widespread severe acne. It's best to seek medical advice from a doctor prior to seeking topical skin treatments. It is possible to treat this level of acne with ASAP Peels to help clean and hydrate the skin so long as you are not taking medications such as Roaccutane.

Some medicines such as Roaccutane cause drying and thinning of the skin and for this reason, Micro or Peels are not an appropriate treatment.